Wednesday, January 13, 2010


So I wake up at 5:30 to my favorite song. My phone alarm was going off, but since I slept ova at nona's last night, we stayed up late doing late work. So I hit snooze and continued waking up every ten minutes until 6:30. When I got up and walked out of the room, her dog came flying up to me and bit my leg. It was nice. =) NOT. So I continued to get ready for the morning in excruciating pain. =) THEN, her grandpa told us he couldn't take us to school today, and I didn't have a sweater, So I had to walk to school in a tee shirt. (It was 11 degrees this morning.) Then I get to school and relize im dying of starvation, So I reach in my pocket to get my money, and it's not there. I lost my $50 bill. =) AMAZING. Now im sitting in English, with a splitting headache, Lights bright as HELL, typing about what a great day I've been having, and die'n of thirst and hunger. =) I love my life.

Friday, December 18, 2009

-Trigger. <3

It was a hot day last summer, when my moms friend brought a horse over to my house. I was to spend the next two months training him. When he got there, I thought "here we go again, ANOTHER horse for me to train." As I started riding/training him, I really bonded with him, It's like we just clicked. He listened to me so well, and was very persistant to learn. I brought him to his first trail ride in July. HE DID AWSOME! He did JUST as good as most horses there, No one could believe he was only two years old. There was even an incident when a horse got loose and ran up on him, and he handled it very well, we even ponied the horse back to it's owners. As the summer went by we started going to more and more trail rides. He became very popular in our riding club, and every one wanted to see "Trigger" the horse with only 3 months of training keeping up with the dead broke trail horses. Finally, it was the beginning of fall, and I was headed to my favorite trailride of the year. Trigger was in the trailer. I was SOOO excited. No sooner than he backed out of the trailer, I threw a saddle on him and took of down the trails. Trigger carried me through some of the hardest trails I know. Only with 3 months of training. And he did great! When I got back to camp, my moms friend, Triggers owner, came up to me with a certificate of sale and said he'd sell him to me for cheap, since he wouldn't want to see him go to ANYONE else. He said he's never seen any horse and rider have such a trusting relationship. Tears came into my eyes and I knew I couldn't pass it up. I spent the rest of the week at my favorite trail ride, with my favorite horse, and i've never felt more at home than I felt sitting in my saddel riding those trails. With MY Trigger. <3

Thursday, December 10, 2009


I hate prompts. It's not like it's OUR blog if the teacher is telling us what to write about.. They should let us post blogs about our lives, like things WE choose to write about. That would be nice. =)

k thankssss.

Wasp and Spider?

I'd rather learn about wasps, because spiders are stupid and wasps are scary. =) haa.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I have this best friend, her name is Winona. I call her LoKa. (LONG story on the name, well not really but you don't need to know it.) ANYWAYS.. When I think of an inspirational person I think of her, not because shes famous, or because she's perfect, but because she's a good friend. She's always has my back, and she's always there when I need her, and I KNOW that she always will be. That meens more than the WORLD to me. =)

-kayyyyyyyyyyyyyy thanks.
+plz commmmmment. yo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

-FavOriTe HoliDaY! [♥♥]

-My favorite holiday is Ano Nuevo. (January 1st) I am Puerto Rican and my family celebrates alot of the spanish holidays. Ano Nuevo is like United states New Years Eve. Everyone gets together and celebrates the first day of the year. I like to party so therefore it's my favorite holiday. =) I also like Dia de San Valentin . (It's like U.S's Valentine's day.) There is also Dia de La Independencia de Estados Unidos. It's the Puerto Rican independance day. My family celebrates that every year. ♥♥

k thanks.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


-Yeah. So the topic I'm assigned is CLIMATE change. Usually id roll my eyes and just fly through the assignment just to get it done, But this topic kind of catches my interest. I live in WI, so generally it's colder up here..
:But you see, at the end of the summer/beginning of Fall we were having VERY nice weather! I work on a farm, So I'm outside a lot and I was enjoying the nice weather. AND THEN, all of a sudden it's SNOWING and EVERYONE is sick?!! What caused SUCH a change? I mean I was trail riding in a tee shirt one weekend, and the next I'm putting on a winter coat to go out and do chores.? And that's where my argument comes in..
**They say it's because of GLOBAL WARMING. (I myself DO NOT believe in "Global Warming") I think it's a made-up conspiracy made by the government to stop pollution. (Which I don't disagree with!) Pollution IS a problem, and i realize there ARE things that could be done to stop it, But the people that run around chanting "GO GREEN!" and "SAVE THE PLANET!" Bother me simply because I have better things to do, than to worry about whats going to happen to the earth 10,000 years from now. K-Thanks. =)
As a part of the student blogging challenge, I wrote a post for BAD 2009 on the topic of CLIMATE CHANGE.